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What We Offer

IT Solutions for Your Every Need

Managed Services

Server Installation

Have peace of mind knowing that Island Tech Support is handling all of your IT Support needs.

Technical Training

Teacher Assisting a Student

Learn different computer programs, or how to do something specific - one on one, or in a classroom setting.

Technical Support Desk

Customer Service

Call, Chat, or Email us whenever you have an issue. Let us be your personal IT Department.

IT Consulting


It's Not Just About Hardware

Computer Repair

Computer Circuit Board Macro

Our Windows and Apple certified technicians can tackle any issue.

Web Services

web services.png

Web Design, Optimization, and Hosting

No need for a full-time IT staff!

Island Tech Support can manage your IT needs without costing you a fortune! Contact us today to discuss a managed plan that handles all of your IT needs.

An Impressive Portfolio of Clients

Success-Driven Partnerships

Office Space

Why Use Island Tech Support's Managed IT Service?

Improved Security
Through proper network setup and monitoring, paired with our award-winning virus and malware protection software packages, we can reduce your risk of a security event, such as a ransomware attack or data loss or theft. Our technicians can have the ability to monitor and access your devices remotely, which helps us focus on our number one goal: prevention.

Reduced Downtime
Downtime can be incredibly costly to your business. In addition to preventing downtime, having a recovery plan in place will reduce the disruption to your business in the case of a downtime event. A managed service is a very important component to any recovery plan.

Improved Response Time

Remote monitoring and access improves response time when an issue does arise, compared to a traditional break-fix service. An Island Tech Support technician can remotely connect to your system and resolve many issues without having to arrange an on-site visit.

Reduced IT Costs
Customers with an active managed service plan through ITS will receive reduced rates for on-site and remote service. Some plans include a monthly allowance for service. However, the cost of your IT service is only one component of total IT cost, often the cost of a security or data loss event can greatly outweigh the cost of your IT service.

Hardware Assessment & Consultation
When investing in hardware, it is important to know that you are getting the most value out of your investment. We can monitor your hardware down to the component level, identify your hardest working and most outdated equipment, and provide upgrade recommendations tailored to your needs.

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